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Womanvibe introduces Puppy! Need a little nudge to ease the tension? Look no further, because this little device will be the solution for you! Made of silicone plus ABS, and USB recharger, the flirty clitoral vibrator always delivers! A sunflower-shaped pad with 10 vibrating speeds, this toy will hit an impressive 7500 rpm, to make sure satisfaction is guaranteed! The ultra minimal noise, less than 50 dB and its ergonomic design, makes this toy very discreet and pleasing to the eye!

  • Measurements; 14.4 x 4.4 cm
  • Silent and discreet
  • Powerful
  • 10 vibration modes.
  • Flexible
  • Easy to use one-button keys.
  • Charge indicator
  • Materials that do not irritate the skin
  • Approximately one hour of uninterrupted pleasure at the highest intensity
  • 2 years warranty.

Puppy is smart vibration! 10 vibration modes from soft to strong transmitting powerful low-frequency vibrations.

  • 100% rechargeable battery.

Puppy is completely submersible perfect for use in Spa or Shower.

A perfect playful vibrator that promises you immediate satisfaction.

Instructions for use;

  • Press the button for 3 seconds 5%287%29.png and it will activate vibration in mode 1, then press again to cycle through the 10 appetizing vibration modes.

Light Indicator;

  • When the vibrator is running you will see a white led light on the vibrator.
  • When the vibrator is off, no led lights will stay on behind the buttons.
  • When inserting the charger cable, the vibrator will have a flashing white led light.
  • When the vibrator is charged, the light stays fixed.


The vibrator is rechargeable and allows comfortable handling, without annoying cables. Before using it for the first time, you must fully charge it. Use the included USB charging cable for this. Insert the plug of the USB cable into the charging connection hole. Plug into the power with a connector or to the computer via USB. While the massager is charging a light will be in intermittent mode, once the charge is finished the led light will remain fixed.

Warning : the first charging process can take up to five hours.

Problem solving

In case of errors or handling difficulties related to the operation of Puppy, press the power button for 5 seconds. If the product still does not work, please contact;


Disposal of electronic devices must be carried out in accordance with the regulations for hazardous waste in force in the European Union and other European countries or according to local regulations. Please follow your country-specific waste disposal regulations and, if in doubt, ask your dealer about disposal options.


Opening a box of Womanvibe products is exclusive. All products include Deluxe presentation box in gold background.

Inside you will find

  • Puppy vibrator
  • USB charger

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