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CARTHAGE"oleum, Orgoman: male intimate oil of Pompeii, is a smart natural cosmetic, composed of extracts natural essential oils from fruits and plants for use in the intimate massage; is stimulating sensitizer, to maximize your pleasure; It is slide lubricant of your intimate areas and manages to arouse intense passion.

Carthage oleum is useful in the intimate hygiene of man. In addition, by its successful formulation gives to its components (according to various scientific treaties) antiseptic, regenerative, properties of hydration, protection, relaxation, lubrication, reduces the inconvenience and unwanted effects such as: drying; allergies, irritation, irritation, tears, etc.

Carthage oil provides well being in the male intimate zone, and is, very sliding and a delight for the senses, making improving, notably, intimate relationships; very useful for after shaving.

Carthage oil has no contraindications and meets the needs of protection and hygiene of man. Pig oleum has been created for men demanding and gourmets. With this intimate oil you will find a very complete, effective and satisfactory protagonist as that can be used throughout the body, from head to toe.

Carthage oleum is ideal for before and after the daily shaving; also on sensitive and irritated skin; He shows good behavior in dull, cracked feet and feet of athlete. Not pica or rankles lacks spirit shown in testes and English friend, and has a nice touch that makes him irreplaceable as a lubricant and protector in the sexual act.

Carthage oil, has been created for pleasure and to minimize discomfort and disadvantages suffered by men on a daily basis in your intimate area, either by inadequate garments, uses, odours, dryness or any intimate alteration. How to use: apply a sufficient amount in the area you want, as well as in the intimate and perineal area, before and after intimate relationships; It has proven to be very effective in all the symptoms (itching, irritation, itching, dryness, odor, etc.). It is an excellent sliding. Its action is fast, can be applied several times a day in the zone that you want to and almost immediately Gets a very pleasant feeling. Presentation: It is elegant, practical and comfortable, with 50 ml dispenser dispenser.

Product suitable for vegans.

Olevm intimate CARTHAGE man ingredients composition: Vitis vinifera seed oil, Chamomilla recutita flower, Cocos nucifera oil, Isopropyl miristate, Calendula officinalis flower, Glycine max oil, Argania spinosa Kernel oil, Fragrance, Malaleuca alternifolia leaf oil, Tocopherol, BHT, BHA.

Properties of the components:

-Vitis Vinifera Seed oil: is the cosmetic oil preferred as an ingredient for the control of moisture from the skin, leaving a glossy protective film on it from external aggressions. -Calendula officinalis flower: also known as 'Wonder' with properties anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, is the main ingredient in cosmetic lotions its more widespread use, which was already known in ancient Egypt, is as a remedy for various conditions skin and moisturizing of the skin.

-Triticum vulgare germ oil: its content in vitamin E in the form of α-Tocopherol It is one of the highest among vegetable oils. This circumstance gives a great free radicals and cellular anti-oxidant power. It is recommended for mature skins, dry and hard of blood, and very good irrigation for the care of scars. Also contains vitamins A, B, D, E and K and more than 60% acidic lipid Polyunsaturated (linoleic acid primarily). Wheat germ oil is capable of prevent premature aging of the skin.

-Chamomilla recutita flower: essential oil is rich in chamazulene, acid tíglico and several sesquiterpenes; It contains also acid antemico, atesterol, antemena and tannins. Due to its essential oil and flavonoid content, it has properties decongestant and softening. It stabilizes the skin and, in addition, exerts a soothing action mitigating on nerve endings.

-Cocos nucifera oil: it has become one of the Kings of natural cosmetics in part because of its high content of vitamin E and K, which makes it a powerful ally when it comes to improve the condition of our skin. In addition, this oil is full fatty acids ideal for hydration, becoming a great remedy natural when it comes to combat the dryness of the skin. -Argania spinosa Kernel oil; Also "African gold": it is softening and regenerating, argan oil nourishes the epidermis, moisturises it and gives shine and flexibility; in dehydration and skin aging, repairs and protects the epidermis of the dryness and the external aggressions, thanks to the contribution in essential fatty acids. -Malaleuca alternifolia leaf oil: is recognized worldwide as one of the best sedatives existing natural, fungicides and antiseptics.

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